Cold Storage

At Malu Agrotech, we provide you with a fully fledged, up-to-date cold storage and warehouse facility. We ensure that your product is securely stored at regulated temperatures in our neat and clean, properly organized cooling units.

Processing Unit

Our highly trained staff uses the latest equipment to process raisins of different kinds, which caters to the needs of the domestic as well as international market. We currently use a processing line manufactured by Bigtem, Turkey in our facility.

Sorting Unit

We pride ourselves in walking hand in hand with the modern technology, which is evident by the use of several hi-tech industrial equipment to sort and categorize different types of raisins. The sorters presently used in our facility are manufactured by B├╝hler, United Kingdom.

Washing and Grading Unit

At Malu Agrotech, we believe in delivering our customers the best product. In order to do so, we follow several important industrial procedures, one of which is washing the raisins. All of our products are properly washed in a highly sanitary environment as per the needs of the customer. This process is followed by that of grading, where foreign particles are removed from the product, using manual labor and industry certified grading machines.

Packaging Line

The use of an automated packaging line allows us to ensure the smooth flowing of operations at our plant, eliminating potential bottlenecks and downtime, as well as providing better aesthetics.


We have a reliable transport network in place which allows us to provide the best possible end to end service to our customers. Depending on the needs of the customer, we cater to different storage capacity containers which are properly inspected in a timely manner.